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Speaker and Microphone Problems in 8x8 Work for Desktop

Having audio problems while talking with clients on 8x8 for Desktop can significantly hinder your work. But don't worry; you can follow some simple steps to resolve these issues.

if you're still having trouble, consider setting up a secondary ring source for incoming calls. Go to the More tab, select Settings, and click on Audio & Video. Connect your headset or secondary speakers and select them as your secondary ring source. You can set the ringtone and volume for incoming calls, but your computer will remain the primary ring source.

If you've tried all these steps and still have audio problems, it may be worth investing in a Bluetooth headset with noise-cancelling features. This can significantly improve the audio quality during communication and eliminate background noise. Some options that have been tried and recommended are available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ImbKti and https://amzn.to/3YscQt0.

In conclusion, if you're experiencing audio problems while trying to talk with clients on 8x8 Work for Desktop, don't let it impact your work.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue and get back to clear and reliable communication. And if all else fails, consider investing in a dedicated headset designed specifically for communication. 

First and foremost, try accessing the audio and video settings within the Work for Desktop app.

Go to Settings (Gear)

click on Audio & Video

select your desired media devices

You can also test your microphone and speaker audio quality through the 8x8 audio testing service. 

 Windows users can go to the Windows Control Panel and follow the steps to select the correct device under the Playback and Recording tabs.

Mac OS users can go to System Preferences and choose the desired device under the Output or Input tab. If your device is not appearing, make sure it's plugged in and turned on.

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