For 10 years we've been using ESET Antivirus and more recently ESET Internet Security ourselves both at work & home, and only have praise for the product. ESET may not be a household name like Norton or McAfee but has had a good reputation amongst the IT community, businesses and techies in general for as long as I can remember. Why? Here are a couple of the most obvious reasons:

It's consistently in the top of the pack at finding viruses, and we frequently see first-hand evidence of this: when we run ESET's standalone virus scanner to check machines that have another antivirus product installed, a lot of the time ESET still finds viruses or other malware nasties to remove from the computer.

A badly-performing antivirus can make a machine feel sluggish, or occasionally even completely unusable. Norton especially has a bit of a reputation for this, and McAfee has got worse in the last couple of years too. We've never seen a computer with ESET misbehaving this way, and it's remarkably light on the system - this actually helps to improve battery life, too!

If your machine is feeling slow, has pop-ups or is running in a way you know is not right try our remote support service and we will get your computer virus free and running correctly.