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Web-Smart.Co: Digital Marketing and Web Design for over 18 Years


A little story about Web-Smart.Co

Since its inception over 18 years ago, our Web Department at COR Solutions has consistently evolved and expanded, mirroring the dynamic growth of online business services. In 2015, we recognised the need for specialised digital solutions, Web-Smart.Co was established. Initially a backbone for invoicing and client interactions, we're excited to announce Web-Smart.Co's online presence with our new website, www.web-smart.co. This platform is a testament to our extensive range of services, showcasing our journey from a robust in-house department to a standout digital brand.

Web Meeting to Analyse and Develop Your Digital Marketing Strategy

At www.web-smart.co we begin our journey with clients through comprehensive online meetings. These sessions are pivotal in analysing your current digital standing and formulating a bespoke digital marketing strategy. Our approach involves a deep dive into understanding your unique business needs, ensuring that our strategy is effective and aligns perfectly with your objectives.


Utilising Advanced Analytical Tools

Using industry-leading tools such as AHREFs and SEMRush, we give you a clear picture of where your website stands. We look closely at what you and your competitors are doing. This helps us find ways you can improve and stand out. We focus on real data to ensure our strategies work well and hit the right targets. Combining this data with practical insights, we create strategies tailored just for you. We're committed to using the best tools for our analysis. This shows our promise to give you digital solutions that make a difference, helping you stay ahead.

Expert SEO and Content Writing

We're committed to enhancing your website's visibility through our adept SEO practices and engaging content writing. Our strategies are tailored to improve your site's search engine ranking. We focus on creating content that attracts and informs your audience.

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10 Steps to Writing a Great Blog Post: Boosting SEO, Engaging Audience and Generating Traffic

Learn how to create valuable and profitable content that connects with your audience and drives conversions Blogs are a great way to share your expertise, engage with your audience, and drive traffic and conversions for your business. But not all blog posts are created equal. To give yourself the best chance at writing incredible, results-getting b...

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Router / Internet connection not working

 If you have no internet working, check your router first before ringing your internet provider. Make sure your Pc or Laptop is connected to wifi or cabled Ensure that the aeroplane symbol isn't showing down the bottom right near the clock (this is flight mode)Does your Router have a Red light? if so, this usually means the router isn't c...

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About COR Solutions Ltd

For over 25 years, COR Solutions has been at the forefront of providing Managed IT services, Web Development, content writing, AI Content Creation and SEO strategies, primarily catering to businesses in Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock and London. Our commitment extends beyond keeping pace with technological advancements; we proactively adapt and integrate the latest tech trends to offer bespoke solutions. Whether it's robust IT support, dynamic web development, or strategic online marketing, our dedicated team is geared towards elevating your business. We take pride in our ability to offer exceptional service tailored to each business client's unique needs while accommodating individual technical support and website service needs.

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