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My 14-Month AI Journey: Transforming Personal Branding with AI

My 14-Month AI Journey: Transforming Personal Branding with AI

I'm thrilled to share with you a journey that's been as challenging as it has been revolutionary. This story began in the familiar web development and marketing world, where a common obstacle sparked an ambitious solution.

Facing the Challenge in Web Development

In my professional quest, I've encountered the usual sticking points of website development that every developer and client can relate to. It's the all-too-familiar dance of subpar images supplied by clients, the indecision paralysing the selection of just the right stock images and the protracted, often circular discussions about content quality and direction. These are not just minor hiccups but rather persistent challenges that can stretch project timelines from weeks into months or, in some cases, years.

An AI Solution

I was determined to navigate these issues but to obliterate them. My solution was to harness AI, not as a mere band-aid but as a transformative tool that redefines the process. The result? A tenfold improvement in the quality of our websites, a streamlined path to client approval, and an end to the tiresome back-and-forth. We're now crafting visually appealing websites and completing them with unprecedented speed and efficiency, setting a new standard in web design.

AI Breakthrough

The move to AI-assisted processes has been a game-changer for us. No longer struggling with the typical issues of finding the right images or dealing with low-quality content, our professional team, aided by AI, quickly crafts the perfect visuals and text for each project. What's really impressive is how a few simple photos can be transformed into realistic, custom scenes that capture each project's unique vibe.

Our websites have evolved – they're more than just web pages; they're engaging and authentic experiences. Every element, from images to words, is thoughtfully put together by our skilled staff, with AI playing a supporting role. This isn't just about speeding things up; it's about enhancing our creative process and ensuring our work is efficient and rich with the human touch each project deserves.

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Helix Ultimate and Pagebuilder Font Awesome 6 issue 26th October 2023

To fix the appearance of the menu downward arrow on your Joomla site, it's crucial to follow the steps below using Google Chrome. Chrome's inspection tool will enable you to check your css for elements before and after. Inspect Element: Right-click on any page of your website and select 'Inspect' from the context menu. In the inspection window, cli...

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Helix Ultimate Off-Canvas Menu edit with CSS

Customising Helix Ultimate's Off-Canvas Menu The off-canvas menu in Helix Ultimate is a fantastic feature, but its default settings may not be to everyone's taste. This guide will arm you with the know-how to tweak this menu to your liking with CSS. Understanding the Off-Canvas Menu When you click the hamburger icon, a side panel glides into view. ...

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  • Where to Add the CSS or JS Code in Helix Ultimate Template?
  • Navigate to Joomla 4 Administrator Console > System > Site Template Styles > Select your Template > Template Options Button > Custom Code
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Optimising Slide Intervals and Transition Speeds in JoomShaper's Page Builder Slideshow

Understanding Slide Interval and Sliding Speed Slide Interval: The slide interval is the duration for which a slide remains visible before the next slide takes over. It's crucial that this interval is neither too short nor too long, ensuring viewers have ample time to absorb the content. A common starting point is a slide interval of 5000 milliseco...

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Joomla JCE Pro - Styling Bullets Points with images

Joomla JCE Pro - Styling Bullet Points with Images Bullet points are a handy tool in web content. They break down information into digestible chunks, making your content more reader-friendly. Joomla is a popular content management system known for its flexibility, and JCE Pro (Joomla Content Editor Professional) takes content creation to the next l...

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