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Web-Smart.Co: Digital Marketing and Web Design for over 18 Years


A little story about Web-Smart.Co

Since its inception over 18 years ago, our Web Department at COR Solutions has consistently evolved and expanded, mirroring the dynamic growth of online business services. In 2015, we recognised the need for specialised digital solutions, Web-Smart.Co was established. Initially a backbone for invoicing and client interactions, we're excited to announce Web-Smart.Co's online presence with our new website, www.web-smart.co. This platform is a testament to our extensive range of services, showcasing our journey from a robust in-house department to a standout digital brand.

Web Meeting to Analyse and Develop Your Digital Marketing Strategy

At www.web-smart.co we begin our journey with clients through comprehensive online meetings. These sessions are pivotal in analysing your current digital standing and formulating a bespoke digital marketing strategy. Our approach involves a deep dive into understanding your unique business needs, ensuring that our strategy is effective and aligns perfectly with your objectives.


Utilising Advanced Analytical Tools

Using industry-leading tools such as AHREFs and SEMRush, we give you a clear picture of where your website stands. We look closely at what you and your competitors are doing. This helps us find ways you can improve and stand out. We focus on real data to ensure our strategies work well and hit the right targets. Combining this data with practical insights, we create strategies tailored just for you. We're committed to using the best tools for our analysis. This shows our promise to give you digital solutions that make a difference, helping you stay ahead.

Expert SEO and Content Writing

We're committed to enhancing your website's visibility through our adept SEO practices and engaging content writing. Our strategies are tailored to improve your site's search engine ranking. We focus on creating content that attracts and informs your audience.

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Beware the QR Code: The New Email Scam Targeting Office 365 Users

In a digital world where scam emails are all too common, cybercriminals are getting craftier with their tactics. A new phishing scheme targeting Office 365 users has emerged, featuring a deceptive QR code. The scam email persuades the recipient to scan the QR code to view a shared document. Upon scanning, they're redirected to a fraudulent Office 3...

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How to Create a Local User Account on Windows 11: Bypass Microsoft Sign-In

How to Set Up a Local User Account on Windows 11 Using CMD IntroductionWindows 11 has arrived with a host of new features, a sleek interface, and enhanced performance. However, what if you're someone who prefers to keep it old school with a local user account? Fear not! This guide will show you how to bypass the need for a Microsoft account during ...

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How to Create Mapped Drives with Notepad and set Credential Manager using CMD or Powershell

Creating a Mapped Drive with Notepad, Managing File Extensions, and Troubleshooting with Credential ManagerIn today's tech-savvy world, knowing how to navigate your computer's file system efficiently can make your work life much more manageable. One essential skill is creating mapped drives, which allow easy access to network resources. In this gui...

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Network share asking for email and password

Simplifying Network Share Access with Office 365 Business Standard and Azure AD Ever been in that frustrating situation where you're asked for an email and password instead of your usual username and password when trying to access network shares? And it's all because you logged into your Windows Pro machine with Office 365 Business Standard? Yeah, ...

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Cant remove windows pin - greyed out (working fix)

"If you've ever logged into your Windows 10 or 11 Pro PC using your Office 365 Business Standard account, you're already connected to Azure AD. You might have noticed that the 'Remove' option for PINs in Windows settings is mysteriously greyed out. Let's dive into how to make your life simpler. Option 1: Our Handy PowerShell ScriptNow, here's the c...

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Office365 turn off Microsoft Authenticator and enable sms

 Office365 turn off Microsoft Authenticator and enable sms   Why does Microsoft make it so hard on a new Office365 tenant.  Once the account is created they now turn on MFA security which insists on Microsoft Authenticator for Admins and users too. Here is the fix for turning off the security defaults, changing the options to SMS so ...

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[SOLVED] Office365 MFA enabled cannot setup outlook

This has now been updated and access from your admin page on Office365 go to Portal.office.com in the search box at top search for Modern Authentication Turn on Modern Authentication  Open PowerShell$UserCredential = Get-CredentialYou should now get a popup asking for your Global Admin user and password$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationNa...

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Office365 - How to White List a Domain

Office 365 automatic spam filters are sometimes questionable, and some times seemingly legitimate emails end up in the SPAM FOLDER and not your Inbox and let's face it, how often do we check the spam folder these days. While this safeguard is usually helpful, missing an email from clients or friends can be a disaster. The whitelist allows domains t...

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Securing your Business Office365

Hackers now research businesses and individuals to work out the best attack. No longer is it just a wrongly spelt email entirely giving away that it's a fake. These days attacks can come from everywhere.....the only thing protecting your email is a mere password that you probably named after a football team, a pet or your car.We spend time installi...

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Mac Word Export to PDF - keep Links Working

Create your word document with your Index table or Hyper Linksand instead of File>Share>Send PDF Choose File>Save As> change the File Type to PDF Make sure that 'Best for electronic distribution' is selected

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