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How to Create a Local User Account on Windows 11: Bypass Microsoft Sign-In

How to Set Up a Local User Account on Windows 11 Using CMD

Windows 11 has arrived with a host of new features, a sleek interface, and enhanced performance. However, what if you're someone who prefers to keep it old school with a local user account? Fear not! This guide will show you how to bypass the need for a Microsoft account during Windows 11 setup using some nifty command-line magic.

A Windows 11 Installation USB Drive or Pre-installed Windows11 machine
A system compatible with Windows 11
A keyboard with Function keys

Boot up Windows 11 Setup
Insert your Windows 11 Installation USB drive and boot up your system to start the installation process.

Access Command Prompt
When you reach the initial setup screen that prompts you for a Wi-Fi connection, you'll want to access the Command Prompt. To do this, press FN + SHIFT + F10.

Bypass the Microsoft Account Requirement
In the Command Prompt window that appears, type the following command and hit Enter:


This command will essentially instruct the setup process to bypass the need for an online account.

Restart the Setup Process
After running the command, the Windows setup will restart, bringing you back to the Wi-Fi setup page.

Opt for a Limited Setup
Now, instead of choosing a Wi-Fi connection, select the 'Limited Setup' option, similar to how you would on Windows 10. This will allow you to proceed without an internet connection.

Complete the Local Account Setup
Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your local account setup. You will be able to set your username, password, and other local settings without the need for a Microsoft account.

And there you have it! You've successfully set up a local user account on Windows 11 without needing an internet connection or a Microsoft account. This method is handy for those who prefer local accounts or don't want to be tied to Microsoft's online ecosystem.
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