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Router / Internet connection not working

 If you have no internet working, check your router first before ringing your internet provider.

  1. Make sure your Pc or Laptop is connected to wifi or cabled 
  2. Ensure that the aeroplane symbol isn't showing down the bottom right near the clock (this is flight mode)
  3. Does your Router have a Red light? if so, this usually means the router isn't connected to the internet for various reasons, move to next step.

When a red light appears, you will still be connected to the router whether you are wireless or wired. The red light means the router has lost internet connection and therefore either a service issue from BT/Virgin/Talktalk/ISP or a cable problem somewhere (maybe even at the exchange etc)

Generally, the first thing you do is see if it's a local issue in your home with your router, so turn off and wait 10 seconds then plug in again and wait up to 7-10 minutes(ish) for a connection.

2nd option is turn off for 25mins or more…this refreshes the connection with your ISP and hopefully syncs your router with them again.

If the problem persists and it's raining each time it happens, then its cables getting wet outside in the drain/gullies – they have to be told this as IPSs deny it happens (very common though)

If its dry outside and it happens often then either the router(ISP owns it), the socket (ISP owns it) or outside somewhere in the issue. In this case, they need to test first and then send an engineer.

Another workaround, if you are currently only on ADSL, request pricing for Fibre as it will remedy the situation and provide a different type of connection also you can insist on an engineer visit for the install.

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