Call anytime and leave your contact details and requirements.

Call anytime and leave your contact details and requirements.

Repairing Hacked Websites

We are on hand to clean and repair your infected Wordpress or Joomla website

Fix Joomla or Wordpress Hacked website
Once the website is clean, we will then install a firewall and update security settings. We will then provide useful tips on best security and backup practices for you.

Price of work from £149

Please note that in some instances the website is not recoverable or plugins will be lost due to infected files. This means that your repaired website may still not function as it should unless addons or template is re-purchased.

Other recommendations: Adding an SSL certificate which provides encryption and authentication for your website. This will also change the http:// to https://

Back Up

Back up your infected site and SQL Database


Change your admin password to something more secure


Clean all files, folders and web pages


Add security software and configure


Upload your clean website to your hosting


Provide advice on future protection


Update Wordpress or Joomla to current version

Clean Back Up

Provide you with a back up file of your clean website

Let's make the web safe for everyone


For over two decades, we've been helping businesses and individuals with all their Technical Support and Website Service needs - at home and worldwide. And we don't just rest on our laurels - we're always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the game regarding the latest tech trends. But most importantly, we're committed to providing great service to all our clients - no matter how big or small.

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