Call anytime and leave your contact details and requirements.

Call anytime and leave your contact details and requirements.

Joomla3 to Joomla 4 Upgrade Service

Joomla Migration Service

Website Design and Development for Joomla and Wordpress websites

Joomla3 to Joomla4 Migration Service

  • Check compatibility of 3rd Party Extensions 
  • We will check if you have licenses for the latest plugins and components
  • We will backup your current Joomla website
  • Migration will be done on our test server first and then migrated once working
  • PHP version check and advice (recommended 7.4+)

Please note: 
If a plugin requires a license to update to a compatible version, it will be the customer's responsibility to provide either an update file or pay for the cost of the update or allow the removal of the plugin

Prices are based on straightforward Joomla migrations. Websites containing interlinks, unusual configurations such as alias redirects or large volumes of data, as well as lots of third-party extensions may be priced differently and will be quoted prior to commencing with any of our services.


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