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Optimising Slide Intervals and Transition Speeds in JoomShaper's Page Builder Slideshow

Understanding Slide Interval and Sliding Speed

  1. Slide Interval: The slide interval is the duration for which a slide remains visible before the next slide takes over. It's crucial that this interval is neither too short nor too long, ensuring viewers have ample time to absorb the content. A common starting point is a slide interval of 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds) which is represented as 5.
  2. Sliding Speed: This refers to the duration of the transition from one slide to the next. A smooth, moderately paced transition is often more appealing and less jarring to viewers. A sliding speed of 2800 milliseconds (2.8 seconds) represents as 2800. This allows viewers to engage with the content while enjoying a smooth transition.

Fine-tuning the Settings

The optimal settings largely depend on the nature of your content and your audience. Here's how you can approach fine-tuning:

  1. Content Complexity: If your slides are text-heavy or contain complex imagery, a longer slide interval might be necessary. This ensures viewers have sufficient time to digest the information.
  2. Audience Engagement: It's wise to gather feedback from your audience. Are they finding the pace too fast or too slow? Use this feedback to make informed adjustments.
  3. Testing: Don't hesitate to test different settings. Perhaps start by increasing the slide interval to 7000 milliseconds (7 seconds) and the sliding speed to 800 milliseconds (0.8 seconds), and gauge the impact.

Implementing Changes in JoomShaper's Page Builder

JoomShaper's Page Builder makes adjusting these settings a breeze. Navigate to the slider options, where you'll find settings for both slide interval and sliding speed. A few clicks are all it takes to experiment with different pacing options, and find what resonates best with your audience.


Mastering the pace of your slider is a subtle art that can significantly enhance the viewer's experience on your website. With JoomShaper's Page Builder, fine-tuning the slide interval and sliding speed is straightforward, allowing you to find the perfect pace that complements your content and engages your audience. 

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