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Toshiba e-studio Scan to Email with Gmail - Working Solutions!

Comprehensive guide to using Gmail's App Password with Toshiba e-studio Copiers

The end of basic authentication by Google has posed challenges for businesses relying on Toshiba copiers for their "Scan to Email" feature. This blog provides a comprehensive guide on how to adapt to this change using Gmail's App Password.

Applicable Models

This guide applies to the following Toshiba copier models: e-STUDIO306LP / e-STUDIO400AC Series / e-STUDIO407CS Series / e-STUDIO506 Series / e-STUDIO507 Series / e-STUDIO547S Series / e-STUDIO856 Series / e-STUDIO857 Series / e-STUDIO2500AC Series / e-STUDIO2510AC Series / e-STUDIO2550C Series (HDD & SSD models) / e-STUDIO4540C Series / e-STUDIO5005AC Series / e-STUDIO5008A Series / e-STUDIO5008LP Series / e-STUDIO5015AC Series / e-STUDIO5018A Series / e-STUDIO5055C Series / e-STUDIO6550C Series / e-STUDIO6570C Series / e-STUDIO7506AC Series / e-STUDIO8508A Series / e-STUDIO7516AC Series / e-STUDIO8518A Series / TOSHIBA ES3505ac.

Service Overview

The "Scan to Email" feature is indispensable in today's offices. However, the discontinuation of basic authentication by Google has complicated its use with Gmail. Toshiba offers a straightforward solution: using Gmail's App Password.

  • Security: The App Password method offers a secure alternative.
  • Simplicity: A simple setup process means you'll be up and running quickly.
  • Compatibility: This solution works across a range of Toshiba copier models.

Default Username and Password

Before diving into the steps, knowing the default username and password for accessing the admin settings on Toshiba copiers is essential. For most models, including the e-STUDIO series, the default credentials are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 123456

Step-by-Step Guide
  1. Issue an App Password: First, navigate to your Google account and go to "Security" -> "App passwords" (2-step Verification must be ON). Follow the prompts to generate a 16-character App Password.
  2. Check Network Settings: Go to your Toshiba copier's network settings and ensure the IP and DNS are correctly configured to allow internet access.
  3. Access TopAccess Web Console: Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your Toshiba copier to access the TopAccess web console.
  4. Login to Administrator Mode: Log in using the default username and password. Navigate to TopAccess -> Administrator.
  5. Navigate to SMTP Client Settings: From the Administrator panel, go to Setup -> Network -> SMTP Client.
  6. Configure SMTP Settings in TopAccess:
  • Enable SMTP Client: Set to "Enable"
  • Enable SSL/TLS: Check this box
  • Accept All Certificates Without CA: Check this box
  • SSL/TLS StartTLS: Choose this option
  • SMTP Server Address: smtp.gmail.com
  • POP Before SMTP: Set to "Disable"
  • Authentication: Choose "Login"
  • Login Name: Your Gmail email address
  • Password: The 16-character App Password (without spaces)
  • Maximum Email: 30
  • Port Number: 587
  • SMTP Client Connection: 30 seconds
  1. Save and Test: After entering all the details, save the settings and perform a test scan to email to ensure everything works as expected.

  • Do I need to include spaces in the App Password?
    • No, enter the App Password as a continuous 16-character string.
  • Is this method secure?
    • Yes, App Passwords are a secure way to bypass 2-step verification for trusted devices.
  • What if my Toshiba model doesn't support OAuth?
    • Using Gmail with an App Password is a viable alternative.


The end of basic authentication by Google has necessitated changes in setting up the "Scan to Email" feature on Toshiba copiers. By following this guide, you can continue to use this essential feature securely and efficiently. 

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