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Web-Smart.Co: Digital Marketing and Web Design for over 18 Years

A little story about Web-Smart.Co

Since its inception over 18 years ago, our Web Department at COR Solutions has consistently evolved and expanded, mirroring the dynamic growth of online business services. In 2015, we recognised the need for specialised digital solutions, Web-Smart.Co was established. Initially a backbone for invoicing and client interactions, we're excited to announce Web-Smart.Co's online presence with our new website, www.web-smart.co. This platform is a testament to our extensive range of services, showcasing our journey from a robust in-house department to a standout digital brand.

Web Meeting to Analyse and Develop Your Digital Marketing Strategy

At www.web-smart.co we begin our journey with clients through comprehensive online meetings. These sessions are pivotal in analysing your current digital standing and formulating a bespoke digital marketing strategy. Our approach involves a deep dive into understanding your unique business needs, ensuring that our strategy is effective and aligns perfectly with your objectives.

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Utilising Advanced Analytical Tools

Using industry-leading tools such as AHREFs and SEMRush, we give you a clear picture of where your website stands. We look closely at what you and your competitors are doing. This helps us find ways you can improve and stand out. We focus on real data to ensure our strategies work well and hit the right targets. Combining this data with practical insights, we create strategies tailored just for you. We're committed to using the best tools for our analysis. This shows our promise to give you digital solutions that make a difference, helping you stay ahead.

seo and content writing

Expert SEO and Content Writing

We're committed to enhancing your website's visibility through our adept SEO practices and engaging content writing. Our strategies are tailored to improve your site's search engine ranking. We focus on creating content that attracts and informs your audience.

An integral part of our strategy is developing topical authority blogs. These blogs are interconnected, providing a comprehensive knowledge network on relevant subjects. This approach boosts SEO and establishes your site as a go-to resource, ensuring visitors find consistently valuable and connected content every time they visit.

Web Design and E-commerce

At Web-Smart.Co, we offer two distinct web design and e-commerce service options to cater to different needs. First, we create visually striking and highly functional websites for clients who wish to manage their content independently. These sites are user-friendly, allowing easy editing and updating by the client.

Alternatively, we provide a fully managed web platform service. In this option, our team is responsible for editing and updating your website. This is ideal for clients who prefer to focus on their business while we handle all the technical aspects, ensuring the website stays current, secure, and performs at its best. Both options ensure your website stands out online and provide an exceptional user experience.

effective marketing

Effective Branding and Online Identity Enhancement

Specialising in creating strong branding and online identities. Our services include crafting unique logos and optimising LinkedIn profiles for individuals and businesses. We focus on developing a cohesive and professional brand image that resonates across all digital platforms. This approach is crucial for amplifying your business's online presence and impact. Whether through visual elements like logos or strategic social media profiles, our goal is to make your brand unmistakable and memorable.

Targeted Digital Marketing and Advertising

We provide digital marketing and advertising, focusing on managing Google and Facebook ads. Our approach involves creating targeted campaigns that precisely reach and engage your intended audience. Getting your message out there; making sure it resonates with the right people. By doing so, we drive measurable results and maximise the impact of your marketing efforts. We ensure that each campaign captures attention and contributes significantly to your business goals.

grow your digital media library

AI Personalised Marketing and Digital Media Library

Our services go  a step further at Web-Smart.Co with advanced features like AI-Assisted Content Creation and Personalised Marketing. By utilising cutting-edge AI technology, we craft content that engages and deeply resonates with your specific audience. Our personalised approach ensures that each piece of content is meticulously tailored to your target demographic's unique interests and needs.

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive Digital Media Library. This invaluable resource aids in maintaining a consistent and impactful online presence. Our extensive library gives you immediate access to a wide range of high-quality images, videos, and other media assets. These are carefully selected to align seamlessly with your branding and marketing strategies, enhancing the effectiveness and coherence of your digital communications.

The Quality of a Backlink is Crucial

Backlinks are vital in boosting your website's search engine optimisation (SEO) and establishing a robust digital presence. These links from other websites to yours serve as indicators of your site's credibility and relevance. Search engines value these links highly, reflecting the trust and authority your website has earned.

Our Strategy Involves Acquiring a Variety of Backlinks, Each Serving a Unique Purpose:

  • Editorial Links: These are gained from quality content that naturally attracts links from other websites.
  • Guest Blogging Links: Obtained by writing and contributing articles to other websites.
  • Business Profile Links: Created by setting up profiles on business directories and networks.
  • Comment Links: Generated through active and engaging participation in blog comments and forums.
  • Social Media Links: Arise from sharing your content on various social media platforms.

We concentrate on securing backlinks from reputable and relevant sites, as these hold more value. High-quality backlinks are instrumental in improving your search engine rankings, increasing your website's traffic, boosting your brand's visibility and recognition, and providing sustained SEO benefits.

Digital Marketing Agency

E-books, Email Signatures, Video Ads and more

Our offerings extend to streamlined Office 365 Migration, enhancing your business communications and operational efficiency. We take your branding further with meticulously crafted Email Signatures and informative E-books, reinforcing your professional image. Our creative team also specialises in producing compelling Ad Videos, which are vital for capturing your audience's attention. At Web-Smart.Co, every aspect of your digital marketing strategy, including expert management of Google and Facebook Ads, is handled precisely, ensuring maximum impact and return on your investment.

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About COR Solutions Ltd

For over 25 years, COR Solutions has been at the forefront of providing Managed IT services, Web Development, content writing, AI Content Creation and SEO strategies, primarily catering to businesses in Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock and London. Our commitment extends beyond keeping pace with technological advancements; we proactively adapt and integrate the latest tech trends to offer bespoke solutions. Whether it's robust IT support, dynamic web development, or strategic online marketing, our dedicated team is geared towards elevating your business. We take pride in our ability to offer exceptional service tailored to each business client's unique needs while accommodating individual technical support and website service needs.

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