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Call anytime and leave your contact details and requirements.

Unifi Dream Machine UDM Pro

The Ultimate Solution for Network and Security Management

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Master Your Network Like Never Before With Unifi

Step up your networking game with the UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro). This isn't just another networking device; it's an all-in-one solution that gives tech experts and businesses the control and data they've always wanted.

Centralised Control of UniFi Wi-Fi APs

Deploy, manage, and tweak your Wi-Fi APs from a single interface. The UDM Pro eliminates the need for back-and-forth, streamlining all your setup and management tasks.

In-Depth Network Monitoring

Elevate your network analytics to a new level. Get the fine-grained data you need to understand user behaviour, app usage, and data consumption. Tailor your network strategy with real insights, not guesswork.

Remote Oversight, Anywhere

Run multiple businesses or manage various networks? Get an eagle-eye view of all your operations from wherever you are. Track users, see what software is hogging bandwidth, and ensure your network's integrity remotely.

Plug-and-Play VPN

Enjoy hassle-free, secure access to your network, ideal for remote work scenarios. With the UDM Pro, setting up a VPN is as simple as clicking a button.

Port Mastery

Customise your network rules down to the finest details. Control the ports on your UDM Pro and any connected UniFi-managed switches with precision.

Security and Surveillance

The UDM Pro isn't just about networking. Integrate it with UniFi Protect to get top-tier security features, complete with HDD storage for 24/7 camera footage.

Key Features For Tech Pros:

  • Remote network management
  • Real-time analytics
  • Customisable port settings
  • Advanced security and surveillance capabilities

Become the master of your network with the UniFi Dream Machine Pro. Gain unparalleled control, advanced analytics, and the freedom to manage everything from anywhere.

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Unifi UDM Pro

Master Your Network with UniFi Dream Machine Pro


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