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Tell Facebook to Use a New Image for Your Link

Updating Images on Facebook Summary Cards: If you update an image on your site and re-share the same URL on Facebook, the platform might still show the old image due to its caching system. Submit your URL to Meta/Facebook's Debugger tool to resolve this. This tool displays current page information and allows you to click "Scrape Again" to update Facebook's cache with your new image. 

Resolving Image and Summary Card Issues on Social Media

Encountering outdated images when sharing links on Facebook? This issue, often related to 'summary cards', can be easily fixed. Here's how to ensure your content is accurately represented:

  1. What Are Summary Cards? Summary cards are generated when you share a link on social media, providing a snapshot with a title, description, and image. These cards are essential for user engagement but can sometimes pull incorrect images. Understanding how these cards work is crucial for displaying your content correctly.
  2. Resolving LinkedIn Image Caching on Facebook: If an outdated image appears when sharing your LinkedIn link on Facebook, it's likely due to Facebook's caching of old data. To update the summary card, use LinkedIn's Post Inspector to ensure the latest image and information from your LinkedIn profile are displayed. Additionally, you can use Facebook's Sharing Debugger to clear any cached data on Facebook and refresh the content.
  3. Why Doesn't My Image Fit the Size Guidelines? Facebook and LinkedIn have specific size guidelines for images. If your image doesn't meet these standards, the platform may choose a different one. To prevent this, always optimise your images according to Facebook's and LinkedIn's size guidelines.
  4. Why Is My Old Image Showing? This issue is often due to caching on the platform. When you update an image, the old one might still appear because the platform has stored it in its cache. To update this, use Facebook's Debugger tool and LinkedIn's Post Inspector to clear the cache and refresh the image.
  5. Why Is a Different Image Selected on My Page? Sometimes, if there's a larger image on your page, platforms might select it over your chosen one. This is because social media algorithms often favour the largest image. To avoid this, ensure the image you want displayed is the largest on the page.
  6. How Do I Set a Default Image? Setting a default image using Open Graph tags can solve many image selection issues. This default image will be used when no specific image is set for a page. It's a useful way to maintain control over how your content is presented on social media.
  7. How to Check Your Post Before Publishing: Always preview your post using the platform's tools before publishing. This step is crucial to ensure your post appears as intended on the platform, especially if it contains sensitive or crucial content.

At COR Solutions, we specialise in optimising your digital presence for social media platforms. Our expertise in web development and digital marketing ensures that your shared links on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn always capture your audience's attention effectively. 

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